What Is A Security Token?

It’s already being called “the third wave of blockchain”. We are starting to take plain old securities and put them on the blockchain. These securitized tokens are the stocks and bonds and puts and options traditionally associated with these financial vehicles that you’ve known forever, but with some really big updates. This is a major and vital development in the mass adoption of blockchain technologies.

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So, You Raised A Couple Million, Now What?

Over the last 12 months I helped 9 companies raise over $50M dollars for some awesome projects. These projects raised money through the innovative crowdfunding processes known as an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). In 2017 alone, over $6B dollars was raised through ICOs. In 2018, over $4.5 B has been raised.

These companies are at various stages of development. Yet, I see a concerning trend emerging. Many of the roadmaps for these companies are being extended, revised, thrown out completely and in some cases, totally dissolved. Why is this?

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Technology Wont Save Us

Last year we dove headlong into the emerging world of blockchain. It’s an incredible technology, and the field is currently filled with some of the most creative and visionary minds of our generation (see: Reggie MiddletonVitalik ButerinAndreas Antonopoulos). These people are devoted to rethinking how economies can work, to solving the problems related to data management, transference and security, in addition creating digital platforms that incentivize healthy consumer usage, not just shareholder profits.

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2018: The Year of Bitcoin

“The very institutions whose charter is brokering social trust—banks and governments—have in many parts of the world spectacularly failed to do so.” – Natalie Smolenski

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It’s Bigger Than Bitcoin

I just finished reading The Starfish and the Spider. The book derives its name from the fact that Starfish are decentralized organisms, they have no central nervous system. If you were to cut a starfish in half, it would live on as two separate organisms. And that’s what the book is all about – how decentralized structures are more resilient, flexible and powerful than centralized structures. This book helps put the events of the last decade into a broader context and defines the global movement we are witnessing and participating in.

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Here Comes The Blockchain

Have you read Thomas Friedman’s new book, Thank You For Being Late? It is all about how we can thrive in the age of acceleration; this period of time when change is gaining momentum at ever-increasing light-speed pace.  This break-neck evolution of all systems — globalization, technology, migration, etc. — is the new normal.

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